Jeptha Abbott Patriots

Photo courtesy of

Valley Forge National Historical Park,

and the National Park Service


The following are patriots associated with Jeptha Abbott Chapter members.
This is a small subset of patriots recognized by DAR!

Private Jeptha Abbott, NJ

Staff Officer Thomas Alderson, VA

Captain Robert Alexander, VA

Archibald Alexander VA

Jacob Appell, PA

James Avery, CT

Private Andrew Bacon, NJ

Private Asher Bagley, NJ

Private Joshua Bailey, PA

Soldier Salathiel Baker, MD

Captain Isaac Baldwin, NH

Lieutenant John Barnes, VA

Soldier Nicholas Barrick, PA

Owen Biddle, PA

Private Robert Blair, NJ

Private Matthew Brown

Robert Brewton, PA

Private Benjamin Buffington, PA

Lieutenant Joseph Burgess, MD

Jacob Burner, Sr., VA

Thomas Burroughs, VA

Jesse Burton, VA

Sergeant Jonathan Buttolph, Jr., CT

Private John Carr, Jr., VA

John Cecil, MD

Private John Chamberlain, NJ

Allen Chapman, VA

Corporal James Chick, VA

Commander William Claghorn, MA

Captain Thomas Clark, NJ

Corporal Elisha Clark, CT

Soldier Alexander Clark, VA

First Lieutenant Joseph Clary, MA

Non-commissioned Officer Michael Collier, PA

Colonel Ellis Cook, NJ

Major John Coryell, PA

Corporal James Cosby, Jr., NC

Private George Cover, PA

Francis Covington, PA

Sergeant Thomas Crawford, PA

Captain Stephen Crumrine, PA

Private Richard Curry, PA

Captain John Daniels, NJ

Private John Davidson, NJ

Corporal John, Day, MD

Captain Benjamin Dennis, NJ

Soldier William Dunbar, SC

Private William Dupree, VA

Richard Durrett, Sr., VA

Private John Dutcher, NY

Colonel Valentine Eckert, PA

Private Christian Ellenberger, PA

Captain Elisha Ely, CT

Private John English, PA

Private Samuel Fellows, NH

Private Philip Fenstermacher, PA

Private David Ferguson, PA

Private Jonathan Ferrin, MA NH

Private Peter Fisher, PA

Jacob Fisler, NJ

Sergeant Timothy Fletcher, MA

Private Conrad Folts, NY

Private William Fones, RI

John Henry Frankenfield, PA

Captain Joseph Friend, VA

Lieutenant Nathan Gann, NC

James Garcelon, MA

John Garth, VA

Thomas Garth, VA

Ensign George Gensemer, PA

Captain Daniel Gillespie, NC

Sergeant James Gilmore, VA

Private John Reinhard Goodman, PA

Ralph Gorrell, NC

Captain John Gregory, PA

Private Abiel Griswold, CT

Private Martin Hagey, PA

Martin Hall, VA

Randolph Hall, VA

Lieutenant David Hammond, PA

Private Joshua Hammond, SC

Solider John Hanna, NC

Robert Hanna, NC

Adam Harper, PA

Joseph Hart, PA

Signer of the Declaration of Independence John Hart, NJ

Private John Hawthorne, PA

Captain Benjamin Head, VA

Jacob Heller, PA

Private Elijah Herrick, MA

Joseph Higginbotham, GA

Non-commissioned Officer Joseph Pancoast Hillman, NJ

Soldier James Hogg, Jr., VA

Lieutenant Moses Hutchins, VA

Joseph Janney, VA

Private David Jepson, MA

David Jones, PA

Private Richard Jones, NJ

Private Peter Keckler, PA

Private Theobald Dewald Keefer, PA

Private Josiah Kent, MA

Private Ephraim Ketchum, NY

Ezra Kimberly, CT

John Kincaid, VA

Ensign Samuel Kistler, PA

Jahannes Knipe, PA

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Knowlton, Sr., CT

Private Christian Kunkel, PA

Ralph Lafferty, VA

Private Moses Land, VA

Private Abraham Leasure, PA

Henry Lee, NC

John Adam Lehman, MD

Private John Leidy, PA

Lieutenant Abraham Lent, Jr., NY

Captain Abraham Lent, Sr., NY

Bryant Lester, VA

Henry Lester, VA

Private Henry Lewis, RI

Captain Rufus Lincoln, MA

Private George Livengood, PA

Private Charles Lovelace, MD

Private Michael Madeira, PA

Jacob Markley, PA

Major John Mason, PA

John Merrick, Sr., VA

Private Casper Metzger, PA

John Jacob Mickley, PA

Adam Mintzer, PA

Private Joseph Monroe, Jr., MA

Private Samuel Moore, MA

Chaplain John Wesley Gilbert Neevling, NJ

Lieutenant Seth Nelson, MA

Private Zadok Nutter, DE

Soldier Isaac Odell, VA

Joshua Owings, Sr., MD

Lieutenant Josiah Phillips, PA

Abraham Pinney, Sr., CT

Isaac Pipkin, NC

George Gouldsmith Presbury, MD

Casper Reed, PA

Private Andrew Reed. PA

sham Revis, NC

Private Christopher Rhodes, SC

Naval Officer Peter Rhodes, RI

Sergeant Thomas Richards, VA

Private Seth Richardson, MA

David Rittenhouse, PA

Captain Lewis Robards, VA

Major John Roll, MD

Captain Jonathan Rowland, PA

Brigadier General William Russell, Sr., VA

Soldier Robert Sanford, VA

William Satterthwaite, PA

Sergeant Abraham Schwenck, PA

Private George Schwenck, PA

Private Abel Scull, NJ

Ensign Peter Shaffer, PA

George Shear, PA

Non-commissioned Officier George Frederick Sheffy, PA

Private Stephen Skinner, CT

Basil Spalding, MD

Soldier William Stallworth, SC

Finley Stewart, NC

Private Phillip Summers, PA

Soldier Stephen Taylor, VA

Private Anthony Thomas, MD

Walter Tolley, MD

Non-commissioned Officer Abijah Upham, Sr., MA

Thomas Valentine, NY

Private Obadiah Valentine, NJ

Soldier Jacob Van Benschoten, NY

Private Benjamin Van De Mark, PA

Private Jonathan Vastine, PA

Alexander Waddell, VA

Elijah Wadsworth, CT

Lieutenant Samuel Walker, PA

Private John Waugh, PA

Sergeant Jacob Wentz, PA

Captain Hudson Whitaker, NC

Lieutenant William Williams, CT

Private Jabez LathropWinship, CT

Soldier James Wofford, SC

Colonel Joseph Woods, PA

Private David Wright, Jr., NJ

Private Waitstill Yale, VA

Private John Yeargan, VA

Private Adam Yerger, PA

Private Adam Zehner, PA

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