Our Meetings


Our chapter meetings consist of devotions, patriotic exercises,
President General's message,and the National Defense Report. 

September 2018
  • Member Meeting and Potluck Supper  — “George Washingtonʼs Revolutionary War Tent”
  • PSSDAR/PASSAR  Pennsylvania Day 49th Annual  Luncheon
  • 5th Annual Pennsylvania DAR/SAR/C.A.R. Constitution Ball 
  • Pennsylvania Sunday at Valley Forge
  • Chapter Patronsʼ Part

October 2018
  • Member Meeting — “Thomas Massey and the 1696 Thomas Massey House”
November 2018
  • Supper Meeting with General Anthony Wayne Society. “N.S.C.A.R. Presents”
  • The Jeptha Abbott Chapter 89th Patriot Ball, an exciting gala event

December 2018
  • Holiday Tea — “Songs of the Season”
January 2019
  • Member Meeting — “John Bartram and Bartramʼs Garden”
February 2019
  • Member Meeting — “Main Line Industrialists, Financiers, and Manufacturers”
March 2019
  • Member Meeting with Wine and Cheese — “Genealogy: Digging Up Your Past”
April 2019
  • Spring Fashion Show and  Luncheon, Benefiting DAR Schools and Projects

May 2019
  • Member Meeting and Potluck Supper — “Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission”
June 2019
  • Chapter Annual Luncheon — “Harriet Tubman Makes a Rare Appearance” 

All DAR members and their guests are welcome to join our programs.
Please contact us on the link below to obtain the date and times of our meetings and programs

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